H-4055VB+ HD-GG

H-4055VB+ HD-GG

Surface box for XL underground hydrants


Height adjustable PA+ surface box for underground hydrants. Cast iron (EN-GJL-200) lid with standard inscription "HYDRANT". Other colours and lid inscriptions possible.



• Lightweight, maintenance free and noiseless design

• 100% recyclable and less use of energy resources compared to traditional materials

• Available as lockable version making the surface box tamperproof

• Heat resistant to max. 240 °C

• Max. carbon footprint: 32 Kg. CO2 eq.

• Large height range and flexible positioning of top part

• No costly corrections after installation

• Reinforced rim ensures better support of top part

• Strong rim makes product suitable for heavy duty application areas

• Extra large clear opening at bottom side to grant extra space for operating large hydrants


Tested according to DVGW VP 310-2


For more detailed information about this product please take a look at the datasheet.





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