Expect... AVK

As a global leader, it is our obligation to keep pushing the boundaries of what the market can expect. In our business there are five cornerstones that must be in place in order to meet customer expectations.




But we need to go further than that. We need to further strengthen our competitive position by exceeding our customers' needs and expectations. "Expect... AVK" not only refers to our quality, reliability, innovation, sustainability and customer service.


It means that our customers should rightfully expect us to exceed market standards and become the preferred business partner among our industry. "Expect... AVK" means to relentlessly strive for increased customer benefits!


Our mission is to become the customer's preferred valve and fitting provider.

#1 Expect solutions, not just products


#2 Expect global leadership and local commitment


#3 Expect quality in every step


#4 Expect a prompt response


#5 Expect lasting innovations


#6 Expect total savings


#7 Expect a long-term partnership


#8 Expect it to be effective and easy

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