PE Valves

AVK Syntec Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of AVK Plastics, is specialised in the production of high-grade PE valves and components. The PE valves are produced in a modern and well equipped manufacturing facility. State of the art machinery is used to guarantee a constant high quality. The robust PE valves have been extensively and independently type tested against worldwide leading standards.


A few general advantages of PE valves over metal valves:

  • PE valves are lightweight ensuring a more easy and safe installation than metal valves.
  • The PE valve ends are designed for butt-/electro-fusion making the valve an integral part of the fully welded leak-free pipe system.
  • PE valves are 100% corrosion resistant and therefore maintenance free
  • PE valves are more environmentally friendly and have a significantly lower carbon footprint than metal valves


AVK Syntec has an extensive range of internationally approved PE ball valves, ranging as of OD25 up to OD180mm.


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